Open Ear Audio Turntable Repair Ortofon

The resurrection of vinyl as a playback format has seen the turntable become far more popular in recent years. We have been pleased to see a steady increase in customers coming in to resurrect classic and sentimental record players but also to service and maintain more modern machines. We take great pride and care in all repairs and refurbishments on both classic and new turntables.

At Open Ear Audio our expertise extends to all belt drive, direct drive and rim drive turntables. From audiophile grade turntables to more modest home stereo systems, from radiograms to DJ decks.

What to expect as a minimum from our turntable service:

  • A full clean and check
  • Lubrication of moving parts, especially motor and platter bearings
  • Stylus check and advice on replacement options
  • Speed control cleaning and adjustment if applicable
  • All tonearm and cartridge adjustments checked and set
  • Audio connections checked

As part of our service we will happily provide advice on how to maintain your turntable yourself so that you can keep it in optimal working condition.

We can source and fit rubber drive belts for all brands, including Thorens, Pro-Ject, Rega, Linn Sondek, Luxman, Connoisseur, Technics, Rotel, Philips & many more well known brands.

We are able to source many replacement styli for older magnetic and ceramic cartridges, including high quality stylus options from Jico in Japan.

We also stock a range of Ortofon and Audio-Technica Hi-fi and DJ cartridges which we recommend in many cases as a great upgrade option.


e.  hello@nullopenearaudio.com

ph. 0432 077 787