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We offer a comprehensive speaker repair service here on site at our workshop in Fairfield. We can recone and recoil your speakers, whether they are guitar or bass speakers, pro audio or hi-fi speakers. From big to small, we can do it all. We can replace your foam surrounds on your hi fi speakers, recoil your blown subs, recone your guitar speakers to original specifications, and repair or upgrade your crossovers.

We source only quality parts for our repairs so we can get your tone back to where it should be. Some jobs require genuine parts but others will require aftermarket reproduction parts. We have built up a considerable knowledge of suitable reproduction parts for many types of speakers, in particular brands such as Celestion, Jensen, Oxford, CTS, JBL and EV.

Our expertise in speakers extends to specialist work such as:

  • Crossover repairs and upgrades
  • Tweeter and mid-range driver repairs. We can assess for repair or replacement drivers and can modify and upgrade if applicable.
  • Refurbishing or building new cabinets, including Tolex covering.
  • Replacing grill cloth and grill foam,  or building new grill frames.
  • Repairing magnet assembly damage by de-magnetising and re-aligning.

Although Open Ear Audio is not a retail store, we can source and supply many parts suitable for speaker repairs or upgrades.

Open Ear Audio is the official Victorian service centre for Electro-Voice (EV) and Dynacord, offering genuine parts and warranty repairs.


We are experts at repairing speakers from the ground up by rebuilding with genuine parts or quality matching aftermarket parts. Usually this is as good as a new speaker when built to our precise standards and also much cheaper.


We can build all kinds of speaker cabinets to your custom design or from well known plans. We also repair cabinets that have been damaged on the road or we can modify enclosures to your requirements.


Whatever you want to call it, we can replace foam roll surrounds or rubber or even cloth accordian surrounds on your speakers. We have vast knowledge and experience of this basic yet precise repair work and guarantee to have your speakers operating as good as the day they were built.


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ph. 0432 077 787