Purple Ampeg Quad

Here’s an Ampeg SVT-410HE that really needed a LOT of TLC. Three of the ten inch (250mm) drivers had been driven to death and had either blown the voice coils or had folded cones – a pretty typical failure in 10″ bass speakers. The owner also decided the cabinet needed a makeover at the same time – purple tolex and gold/brown basket weave grill cloth! I initially thought it was a whacky colour combo but in the end I became pretty attached to the thing. We decided to keep the original grill and I built a new grill frame to stretch the basket weave cloth over. The old tolex got stripped back, the glue residue cleaned off and some holes and imperfections filled in befoe covering in the flash new purple leviathan Tolex. With the newly reconed 10 inch drivers this cabinet is now even better than new after all this work.


Using an original grill frame for a template, I was able to manufacture new frames which were then painted, covered with brand new grill cloth and fitted with clips.


A re-coned Celestion G12M

This is a good example of a newly re-coned 12″ Celestion guitar speaker. I use Weber parts that are made to Celestion specifications, rather than generic parts. They look and – more importantly – sound exactly the same as original.


These fairly average Celestion Truvox 10″ guitar speakers have been upgraded by re-building them with higher quality Jensen type cones and high efficiency voice coils by Weber.


These B&O S45’s had rotted foam surrounds on the woofers and a blown tweeter.

All functions are tested before work is undertaken here at Open Ear Audio so you know the specifics of your repair from the beginning.

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