Amplifier repairs Open Ear Audio Goldentone


Open Ear Audio provides a complete amplifier repair service, mostly specialising in tube/valve guitar and bass amps. We also repair and service solid state guitar and bass amplifiers, Hi-fi amplifiers and pre-amps, PA power amplifiers, effects units, studio pre-amps and processors, and powered speakers and subs.

We work on many beautiful vintage tube amps from all over the world (110V models included) and therefore have a passion for resurrecting such local marvels as Goldentone, Strauss, Vase, Moody, & Rex.

A standard amplifier repair service always includes:

  • independent tube testing
  • assessing and cleaning scratchy controls
  • bias checking and adjusting if applicable
  • assessing and cleaning all sockets and switches
  • speaker tests for combo amps
  • output tests on scope
  • specific voltage checks if applicable
  • play testing with an actual instrument
  • an internal and external clean

We can source all current production as well as new old stock (NOS) quality tubes, and will run industry standard testing on your tubes as part of a standard service.



ph. 0432 077 787

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